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Building in and around Melbourne for the past 30 years.

MultiPro Builders have been building new homes, multi unit developments and residential extensions in and around Melbourne for the past 30 years. With a vast range of experience under our belt, our team can get your project completed with ease.  Our experienced team management, and exceptional trade skill level, you will be at ease when completing projects with Multipro Builders. We will be fully committed and insure that your project will not only be completed on time and within budget ,but also adding a complete understanding of your needs.

We also offer a vast range of services which include town planning, working drawings, Building Permits, and a range of different designs to suit everyone’s needs.

Town Planning

We also offer solutions to get your project over the line when it comes to town planning. With a vast range of information we can get your project to where it needs to be. Also liaising with government bodies in regards to report and consents to allow you to build over easements.

Working Drawings

I have been working with our draft lady for the last 30 years and she's very good at her job completing all drawings for council approval. Some of her designs include heritage listed properties. All drawings will comply with the NCC.

Building Permits

Even though you appoint the building surveyor to do the work for you, we will liaise with the building surveyor to get you over the line in regards to your next building project.Making sure that every aspect complies with the building code of Australia.

Customer reviews

Multipro builders constructed our home from scratch as you can see in this video behind us. We built a whole new home and it turned out absolutely stunning .We are very impressed with their knowledge of the building industry. The building process was smooth and easy.
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Karen and Steven
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There is nothing better than coming home to something that is comfortable from a hard day’s work. Bring up a family and a two story home is nothing but a dream come true.

Building with MultiPro has never been so easy we can develop any kind of project that meets your requirements contact us today for your next building project.

Considerably a great solution for the modern family with open living kitchen and dining area gazing out onto your large decking area through bifold doors.

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